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Jeffrey Tambor


An incisive talent when it comes to playing bent, off-the-wall characters, Jeffrey Tambor has been captivating audiences for nearly four decades.Tambor was born and raised in San Francisco, to Eileen... Show All

Born: 1944-07-08 in San Francisco, California, USA
Age: 73
Height: 185

Characters played by Jeffrey Tambor

King Neptune, Dr. O, Steven's Father, Gill Littlefoot, Len Drexler, Crazy Quilt, Allison Dubois, Jerzy Skaggs, Uncle Saul, Judge Barry Dilwynn, George Bluth Sr., Oscar Bluth, Dean Earhart, Sid Herman, King Salmoneus, Hank Kingsley, Black Jack Lee, Beetle Fiero, Hank Hibler, SWAT Leader, Dr. Stevens, Charlie Marno, Harry Beeker, Ed Hartwell, Hospital Board Member, Murray, Russell Armstrong, Judge Alan Wachtel, Mr. Rogers, Maj. Reddish, William Klein, Congressman Walter Griswald, Medical Examiner, Walt Riggins, Professor Cakes, Gordon Salt, Lloyd French, Captain Flarty, Ed Dolan, Judge George Kluger, Mr. Orange


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Jeffrey Tambor's Filmography