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Kidô butôden G Gundam

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Watch Kidô butôden G Gundam Online

Watch Series - Kidô butôden G Gundam

Release Year: 1994
Genre: Animation, Sci-fi
External Links: IMDB
No. of episodes: 49 episodes
Latest Episode: Season 1 Episode 49 Burning Gundam's Great Triumph: A Hopeful Future; Ready, Go!
Latest Episode With Links: Season 1 Episode 11 Reunion in the Falling Rain

Description : It is the year Future Century 60 and most of humanity has migrated to orbiting space colonies, leaving behind the polluted Earth. To prevent war, the colonies came up with the tournament known as the Gundam[+]more
Cast & Crew: Yôsuke Akimoto, Yuri Amano, Shin AomoriShow All

Season 1

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