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Series » K » Kenyuu densetsu Yaiba

Kenyuu densetsu Yaiba

Release year
Animation, Adventure, Comedy
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Season 1 Episode 6 Unknown Title
Yaiba Kurogane, with his two animal pets (a vulture and a tiger), leaves his home in an island and goes Tokyo to becoming in a great samurai like his father, living with the Mine family and Sayaka, his best friend. In this moment a classmate of Yaiba, Takeshi Onimaru, turns in a demon looking for conquest the world, being called 'Devil of Wind'. Yaiba and his friends Musashi Miyamoto, Jubei Yagyu and Kojiro Sazaki will fight for to defeat to Takeshi and his demon soldiers, at the same time what other enemy, Princess Moon, wake up of his dream and like Takeshi she too wants to rule the world, doing more dangerous the Yaiba's mission. With his magic sword, 'Sword of God of Thunder', Yaiba and company will try to defeat his enemies to sure the freedom of the world.
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