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Series » S » Slayers Try

Slayers Try

Release year
Animation, Comedy
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Latest Episode With Links
Season 1 Episode 9 Continuous Fire! The Wind-Swept Shore of Battle! (30/05/1997)
When Lina Inverse and her friends are sent on a journey to another island to save the world, they find a dragon priestess and their old ally/foe Xellos. They also come across a strange new set of threats including a bandit with high explosives, a half demon/half dragon and an alien named Hellmaze who wants to save his world. His world is plagued by a powerful force called the Darkstar that destroys everything in it's path. But Hellmaze may not be able to save his world without sacrificing Lina's. And how does Gourry's sword of light fit in to all of this?
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